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VI.  Regional tectonics and seismic regime, geological, geophysical, seismological data

A. Geophysics
Family Sity or Country
1-st author
Title of report
Glaznev V.N., Zhirova A.M Apatity Calculation of the rock's elastic modules for Khibina massif from the results of the seismic-gravity modelling
Zlobin T.K., Polets A.Yu. U.-Sakhalinsk  
Kashubin S.N. S.-Petersburg Variations of polarization of elastic waves as the indicator of variations of tectonic stresses
Kozhevnikov N.O., Agafonov Yu. A., Antonov E.Yu. Novosibirsk The structure of Priol’khon’e and Primorsky fault from geophysical surveying data
Kozhevnikov N.O., Seminsky K.Zh., Bobrov A.A., Avgulevich D.L., Olenchenko V.V. Novosibirsk First results of applying geophysical methods for studying active tectonics in Priol’khon’e
Koltysheva E.N. Ekaterinburg  
Kopylova G.N., Serafimova Yu. K. Petropavlovsk Kamch. Singularities of a seismic regime and earth-crust deformations under preparation of strong earthquakes on East Kamchatka
Kouzin A. Moscow About an internal constitution of zones of explosive disturbances on seismic data
Kouzin A. Moscow About a role of mechanically rigid bodies in geologic processes and their display in the seismic observation data
Kuznetsov N.B. Moscow The relationship of  orientations bedding and schistosity into tilloids of the cape Lyell formation (Northern part of theWedel Jarlsberg Land, SW of Spitsbergen)
Kulakov G.N. and et al. Novosibirsk  
Lunina O.V. Irkutsk  
Mordvinova V.V., Ananyin L.V., Gots M. F. Irkutsk Baikal rift zone: crust and mantle velocity structure on results of receiver function method 
Nazarevych A.V., Nazarevych L.Ye. Ukraine Features of pre-alpine, alpine, post-alpine and modern geodynamics of Ukrainian Carpathians and their reflection in tectonics of region's lithosphere
Nevedrova N.N., Lounina O.V. Sanchaa A.M. Novosibirsk Geoelectrical structure of Baikal rift zone and Mountain Altay tectonic basins using geological-structural data
Sadykova A.B. Kazakhstan About Thian-Shan seismic rejime
Suvorov V.D. Novosibirsk Seismic structure, composition and stress state of the crust beneath Baikal rift zone.
Chirkov E.B. Moscow  
Sharov N.V. Petrozavodsk  

B. Seismology
Family Sity or Country
1-st author
Title of report
Akmanova D.R. Vikulin A. V., Osipova N. A. Petropavlovsk Kamch. Migration of seismic and volcanic activity as tectonophysical process
Alekseev V.A. Troitsk  
Arefev S.S., Bykova V.V. Moscow  
Bugaev E. Moscow G.Using data of the contemporary and Quartenary movements in to active faults and geodynamical zones for tectonophysical investigations and solution problem evaluates of the seismic hazard
Gavrilov V.A. Petropavlovsk Kamch. Evaluation of some results of geophysical measurements in <Kamchatka> at the final preparation stage of the strongest Simushir island's earthquakes (15.11.2006, &Mcy;w=8.3; 13.01.2007, &Mcy;w =8.1)
Gorbunova Ye. A. Irkutsk K-class-frequency graphs for earthquakes as criterion of dangerous faults on the Baikal-Mongolian seismic belt
Gufeld I.L. and et. Al. Moscow  
Damaskinskaya E.E., Tomilin A.G. S.-Petersburg The kinetic mechanism of a stick-slip: experiment and analysis of preparation of the Simushir earthquakes.
Dobrynina A. A. Irkutsk Velocity and direction of rupture propagation in Pribaikalye earthquake foci
Zlogodukhova O.G. Irkutsk Reflection the lithosphere destruction in variations of active faults density and earthquakes localization (on an example of Baikal rift system)
Imaev V.S. and et al. Irkutsk  
Kuchai O.A., Bushenkova N.A. Novosibirsk  
Levin B.V. U.-Sakhalinsk  
Luneva M.N. Habarovsk  
Mel’nikova V.I., Gileeva N.A. Irkutsk  
Nazarevych A.V. Ukraine Modern geomechanics of Ukrainian Transcarpathians lithosphere and some typical scenarios and mechanisms of local earthquakes and features of display of their geophysical precursors.
Nasimov R.M., Petrov V.A., Poluektov V.V., Hammer J., Lespinasse M. Moscow Visualization technique of hydraulically active dislocations into the cores of crystalline rocks
Nikonov A.A. Moscow Waves of deformations and seismicity within the Fennoscandian-Baltic domain
Nikonov A.A. Moscow To estimation of long-range forerunners of deformational type in connection with large, M≥7.5, normal earthquakes
Radziminovitch N.A. Irkutsk An example of a cross structure activation after a Mw=5.8 earthquake in the Baikal rift zone
Rodkin M.V. Moscow On similarity of process of softing in a vicinity of strong earthquakes and in zones of phase transformations in the upper  mantle
Smirnov V.B. Moscow  
Smirnov V.B., Ponomarev A.V., Bernar P. Moscow  
Stepanov V.V. Moscow  
Stepanov V.V. Moscow  
Tomilin N.G. S.-Petersburg An preparation area of Kuril strong double events
Tomilin N. G., Damaskinskaya E.E. S.-Petersburg Seismicity pattern peculiarity observed in the fault juncture areas around the Pacific Plate boundary.
Umurzakov R. A. Uzbekistan  
Chirkov E.B., Lagova N.A. Moscow  
Shirokov V.A., Serafimova Yu.K. Petropavlovsk Kamch. The strong earthquakes of Pacific and Alpine-Himalaya tectonic beltsand  eruptions of volcanoes: influence of solar activity and earth tides, forecast of events till 2030
Yudakhin F.N. Arkhangelsk Some peculiarities of continental seismisity.
Yarotsky G.P. Petropavlovsk Kamch. Seismicity and fault tectonics in south-west of Koryak highland

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